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Website development and maintenance services:

Check out our Basic Website Building and Consultation areas. Let CharlesWorks get your personal or small business site (or even both) on the web. We specialize in reasonable, personalized service at the time you need it most: startup!

We also provide ongoing website maintenance for those desiring it. Check out our reasonable rates.

Cheap, used, refurbished computer systems, peripherals,and equipment:

CharlesWorks has all kinds of used and recycled computer stuff!

Let's face it, in addition to being extremely affordable, inexpensive, used computers are easily deployed and work well as web servers, backup servers, or even as a personal starter system. Did I mention that used systems are cheap to Don't spend a thousand bucks for something you might not use. It makes so much more (both common and economic) sense to pick up a used system.

We have systems for novices and experts alike. The student who is desiring to gain basic knowledge of computers via an inexpensive, affordable system for personal use will find us most accommodating. So will the expert or computer enthusiast desiring a system to use as a internet or intranet server or for whatever!

Inexpensive used parts, peripherals, and components for computer systems and equipment:

Used computer parts are also available here. Maybe you want to build a system from scratch. Maybe you have an older system that you need a replacement component for. Or maybe you just want to add to your existing system. We usually stock pre-owned modems, display adapters (sorry, we are out of display adapters at this time) and video monitors, 3" and 5" floppy drives and media (sorry, no 8" drives or media at this time), various sizes and makes of hard disk drives, CD ROM drives, cables, network adapters, keyboards, mice and other pointing devices, printers, scanners, audio cards, and so on!

Recycle! Take advantage of inexpensive, preowned (as well as new) software:

Inexpensive recycled software as well as new titles are also available through CharlesWorks. We have an assortment of titles available. All consist of the original disks or CDs.

New and recycled inexpensive preowned computer books, and manuals:

We stock an assortment of used as well as new computer related manuals and books that are very reasonably priced. Many of our recycled books and manuals appear to be nearly brand new. Some are in fact new and have never been used.

Contacting CharlesWorks:

You can email anytime!

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