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The New Software

These are new (as opposed to used or recycled) software titles. Just click on the ads or text below to try them out. All the new software is acquired or downloaded through the software site. All the used, pre-owned, or recycled software items offered on this site are shown further down on this page.

Click on any ad or text to check out the new software!

More items will be placed here soon!

The Recycled Software

All recycled software titles and their associated materials consist of original, pre-owned materials and are in very good to excellent condition. All used, pre-owned, or recycled software items offered on this site are sold "as is" without warranty.

Note that the requirements indicate the required platform (whether an IBM or Apple based machine) and that there is only one each in stock unless otherwise noted.

  • Title: ACT! for Windows, version 1.03

  • Publisher:  Contact Software International

  • Notes: like new, in original box, on both 3" 1.44Mb and 5" 1.2Mb floppies, with three manuals: "Getting Started", "User's Guide", and "Reference Manual"

  • Requirements: Windows 3.0 or later, 80386 or better, 4Mb RAM, 2.5Mb hard disk space

  • Title: Dictionary for Children

  • Publisher:  Macmillan

  • Notes: in original box, on CD

  • Requirements: Macintosh LC-11 or better, 5Mb RAM, 12" or bigger color monitor, System 6.07 or later, Single speed (150K/second) CD-ROM drive (double speed CD-ROM drive is recommended)

  • Title: Internet Phone

  • Publisher:  VocalTec

  • Notes: new, on 3" 1.4Mb floppy, with instructions: "Internet Phone: Talk for free over the Internet!" (Sometimes misspelled as "Vocal Tech" on the web)

  • Requirements: 486sx 25MHz PC or better, 8 Mb RAM, Windows 3.1 or higher, WinSock 1.1 compatible Internet TCP/IP connection (minimum: a modem 14,400 baud, SLIP/PPP), Windows compatible sound card, microphone and speaker


More items will be placed here soon!


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