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A note from Charles about who we help...

We do not engage in politics or favoritism amongst our clients at CharlesWorks. This applies to our business and organizational clients.

We are sometimes asked the question of how we could do a great job providing web services for both you and your competitors. This also applies to politically based entities and organizations since we believe in freedom of speech.

We would ask you to think about the following and then do business with CharlesWorks:

Telephone services and phone listings: Does your business or organization have a telephone number? We at CharlesWorks have various telephone services with three major providers. Many, many of our competitors also have telephone services with the same companies we do. Charles did not think it made much sense to not have a listing in the telephone directory because his competitors are there as well.

Newspapers or periodicals: Does your business or organization engage in advertising in print based newspapers or magazines or other periodicals? We at CharlesWorks have advertised in many print newspapers, magazines, and other forms of print advertising. Again, many, many of our competitors also advertise with the same companies providing printed advertising that we do. Some of those companies are actually our direct competitors. And, again, Charles did not think it made much sense to not utilize such advertising just because his competitors are there as well.

Business supplies and necessities: Does your business or organization purchase business supplies or necessities? We at CharlesWorks certainly do. How ridiculous it would be to boycott a company that sells us what we need because our competitors all shop those same establishments as well. And, again, Charles did not think it made much sense to avoid vendors for business items CharlesWorks needs because his competitors shop there as well.

Web presence and web services: It is no different. It's really that simple. We will do the best we can for all of our clients. Your web presence is part of your marketing strategy and all entities business or organizational in nature do marketing in one form or another. Doing the best for our clients is how we've grown our business since 1998, and evidenced by our tremendous expansion of services over the years. If your competitors are dealing with us, then you might want to think about what we can do to help you as well. Again, we'll do our best for you.

Why deal with CharlesWorks? When thinking about who you want to deal with concerning your web presence, we believe it's important to think about whether you can figure out who you will actually interface with at a company. At our competitors' websites, is it impossible to find a name of who to deal with?

Look up at the top of this page! We don't hide behind anonymous web pages trying to get you to do business with unknowns. And, if you are local to us, then you know that when you deal with CharlesWorks you are helping keep local people employed. You are strengthening your own economy. We are real people serving real people. We want to help.

We help our clients. From start to finish, beginning with domain name registration, thru the hosting, email, and design, we do our best to help you. We provide ongoing updates, upgrades, and modifications to your website as needed in as timely a fashion as humanly possible.

We do most of our business through referrals. That speaks volumes. We take what we jokingly refer to as a novel approach in today's marketplace: we always try to get back to you. If you call and do have to leave a message, we try to get back to you that same day if possible. We are old fashioned in the sense of believing in providing the highest level of service possible to our web clients.

If you don't know where to start, call CharlesWorks at
603-924-9867 and we can get you started right away!



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