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Email List Server Services

Email list server services:
Pricing per month according to list size


Some benefits of using Constant Contact as your email list service:

Remain compliant with your Internet Service Provider's Terms of Service (there are usually limitations on how many messages per day one may send depending on their provider's terms of service agreement)

Send many messages per mailing for mass mailing to stay in front of your clients (great pricing according to list size)

Automatically removes dead or undeliverable email addresses

Use your own software or email program to create brochures, newsletters, coupons, etc. in either plain text or html format or use templates available

Stay compliant in each email message explaining to your email recipients how to remove themselves from future mailings following the current SPAM laws (click here for Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning up to $40,654 penalties PER email).

You can set up your own list

You just send one finished email to your list's address and the Constant Contact servers take care of the rest

Customer Support

No contracts

And best of all it's FREE TO TRY IT FOR 60 DAYS!

Email Account Services

Note: Up to five email accounts are INCLUDED at no extra charge with any standard business website hosting package. Prices below do not include the cost of the domain name. One time setup fees of $10 per email account are waived by purchasing a full year at a time. Canceling during the first year will activate setup and early disconnection fees. CharlesWorks provides the email servers. The end email user is responsible for connecting through the software or device of their choice, and must go to the software or device vendor for help with connecting using the software or device vendor's products or services. As a courtesy, CharlesWorks does have some basic instructions online at Remeber that no one can guarantee email will work 100% of the time due to circumstances beyond our control ranging from internet outages through bad cell phone service or dead spots.

Personal email accounts:
$3.99 per month per email account (plus annual cost of a domain if attached to one).

Benefits of having a personal email address:

You stand out with a memorable email address (using your name, hobby, or business as your domain)

24 hour online availability

Works with any email software (like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.)

Access your email from anywhere in the world that you can get on to the public Internet using CharlesWorks Webmail (may not work in some countries like China, for instance, where Internet is restricted in many areas)

Your email address remains the same, even if you change your ISP (Internet Service Provider - like Fairpoint, Comcast, Road Runner, Time Warner, Cox, and so on)

Full 1 Gigabyte of mail space per mailbox

No contracts

5 free alias accounts

Business email services:
$9.99 per month: Up to 5 email accounts
$38.00 per month: Up to 20 email accounts
 (plus annual cost of a domain if attached to one)

Benefits of business email:

More Professional - big company appearance and name recognition in every email

Showcase your products and services by including your business name in your email address

24 hour online availability

Works with any email software (like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.)

Access your email form anywhere in the world using CharlesWorks Webmail

Your email address remains the same, even if you change your ISP (Internet Service Provider - like Fairpoint, Comcast, Road Runner, Time Warner, Cox, and so on)

Full 2 Gigabytes of mail space per mailbox

No contracts


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Email Etiquette

During the late 1970's, Charles Oropallo designed and put a system online called Access-80 for the purposes of sharing information and communicating through email.

Charles discovered then (and remains still convinced today) that email is, without a doubt, one of the worst forms of modern day communication. When it works it works well. However, no email provider can guarantee email will work on every device every moment of every day. As a provider, we make our best efforts to keep everything working as well as possible.

Another shortcoming is that email is often misunderstood as it lacks inflection. Most often that's because people are in a hurry. We increasingly don't even take the time to write our thoughts fully or read others' emails entirely.

Only text messaging is worse than email. In any event, email is definitely here to stay, so we simply need to get better at how we use it!

Be sure the "Address:" field contains the correct address of your intended recipient: I know it really seems like common sense and not worth mentioning, but you'd be surprised at how many people "guess" at the email address of the recipient expecting the mail server at the other end will just figure it out. Servers are exact and if the email address is misspelled or otherwise incorrect, your email will not arrive. The most common mistakes we see here are:

someone@google.con should be should be should be should be

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, these are the most common ones we've actually seen when server errors are generated.

Be sure the "Subject:" field accurately reflects the content of your email: This makes it easier for both the sender and receiver to identify messages and keep them organized.

Limit the topic: If you want to ensure that any questions about the topic are responded to, keep the message simple and stick to expecting one answer about one question. Otherwise, people generally do not answer all that you ask.

Be courteous: Make sure your e-mail includes a courteous greeting and closing. Email doesn't have a voice inflection, so make sure your written words do not seem demanding (such as when you USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) or terse (such as when you treat email like text messages).

Include previous message: Be sure you are including all relevant details or information necessary to understand your request or point of view. Generalities can many times causing confusion and unnecessary back and forths.

Signatures: Even though you think that your recipient knows who you are, it is polite to include a “signature” at the end of your message — your name, affiliation, phone number and (perhaps) address.

Use attachments wisely:
Attachments are a convenient way to share files with colleagues. They are not meant to distribute information to large numbers of people. Sending a giant file to a huge group of people is both wasteful and rude. It takes up bandwidth, and for many people who might read the message over a modem, it takes up time. As a general rule, send attachments only to colleagues you know well.

Email does not replace the phone: Messages that require immediate attention or response are best dealt with in a phone call. Do not assume that people are checking their email every few minutes.

Replying to messages:
When replying to an email message, check the list of recipients. If the message you received went to more than one recipient, your reply will go to ALL of those recipients as well if you reply to ALL.

Use caution: Email is easily shared with the public, so be careful what your message contains!

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