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Porn, Pornography, and the .XXX and Pornographic appearing Domain Names

So how did you end up here? We hope you are also wondering about that. By now you have figured out we are not a porn site and there is no pornography here.
Why would CharlesWorks even have an XXX domain name? Again, mostly a gimmick used by domain registrars (that we don't necessarily agree with here). Fact is, what if your business name could be taken to have an unsavory slant on it, if you know what we mean?

That being said, be aware that anyone else - like your competitors, for example - could buy the XXX version of your domain name and put a site up that might be rather embarrassing or outright offensive to you and your business community. Even worse, and truly hard for us to believe as well, is the fact that this goes on all the time all over the Internet.

If you want, we can secure and manage the XXX version of your domain name (just like we manage CharlesWorks.XXX). Doing that will effectively prevent anyone else from acquiring it, even innocently. Our experience over the years has taught us that it is far, far easier to prevent problems such as these than to have to deal with it after it has started!

More About Domain Names
The domain name is about the least expensive piece of one's Internet presence - yet one of the most important! Domain names are annually renewed and paid for just like a post office box - if it lapses someone else can obtain it and use it. It can be a nightmare to recover your domain should that happen - a nightmare none of our domain name clients has ever had to endure.

The main purpose of a domain name is to give customers an easy way to find you on the web (like Some people choose to have one domain name to create a website, some use a domain name to create a personal email account (like, and some own numerous domains to enhance their web presence.

There are various ways to purchase and register domains. Domain name registration through CharlesWorks offers personal service benefits:
Free Initial Search

We recommend to all of our existing and prospective clients to exercise caution in how you search for a domain. Unscrupulous companies purchase domains people search for to sell them to those people at much inflated prices (often $100 to $500 or even higher for $15 domains).

CharlesWorks can help you avoid this problem. We can search for available domains for you at no cost and help you avoid the risk of losing your preferred domain name.

The charge for various domains varies according to TLD, and also depending on who you register with and what country they are in and so on. CharlesWorks will search for domains at no cost, and will register most domains at only $15 per year.

Domain registration with CharlesWorks includes private registration (so your personal information is unavailable to others and you are protected more from spammers and scams).

When you register a domain, your name, address, email address and phone number are made available to anyone. Your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day, every day, to anyone, anywhere. We protect you from that with a Private Registration at no extra charge. CharlesWorks pricing includes what is known as "privacy" which shields you - preventing your personal information from being placed out publicly on the Internet for the spammers, stalkers, and other unsavory individuals and companies who would harvest and use your personal information.

DNS Set up included
We will do initial DNS setup for any new domains registered through CharlesWorks.

DNS is the worldwide system that enables your computer to determine which Internet address (the numbered address) goes with the web address (URL) you entered in your browser. Then your computer can talk to the computer (known as the server) that runs that website. DNS is like a phone directory for IP addresses - it converts names to numbers. When you look up a domain name in your web browser, DNS provides your browser software (like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Apple's Safari and so on) the IP address so it can find and display the website for you.

Most importantly, CharlesWorks will ensure that your domain is renewed automatically each year so you will not lose it. This is an important piece of the service we provide our clients. Your time is valuable. We focus on these details so you can focus on the details of running your business or organization. Our policy is to renew your domain even if you fail to contact us about it to ensure your web presence does not become unavailable on the web.

For businesses it is important to remain aware that staff and employees will undoubtedly change over time. It is very easy for a domain name to get lost in the shuffle of changes within the employees. CharlesWorks ensures you do not lose your company's domain names.

For organizations and especially small non-profit organizations and clubs, our experience has been that the change in employees or members is even more problematic than with businesses. Often in those cases the individuals involved with the organization (especially those who are volunteers) have busy lives themselves and hold jobs elsewhere. It is important to not lose the organization's domain name due to its not being a top priority in someone's personal life. CharlesWorks ensures you do not lose your organization's domain names.

For individuals, our experience is that domain names are lost by them when they do not respond to renewals. This can occur when such notifications end up in one's spam box (can also occur with businesses and organizations as well) and are not responded to. Our staff are proactive and ensure that domains do not expire.


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Domain Tips

Whether your domain name is for personal use or for your business, we hope you find the following tips to be helpful.

Having words pertinent to your business in your domain are increasingly important. Simplistically put, search engine algorithms (the math formulae used to compute the importance or value of words contained in your site) rank the importance of web sites according to words. Many businesses use a domain name to describe the name of their business and, in addition to that, own domains which contain keywords which are present in their website.

If possible, you should use the name of your business as all or part of one of your domain names. This will make it easier for your clients or potential clients to remember you and to find you on the web (like - CharlesWorks is the name of our business).

General Names
More general domain names are most likely already registered to other businesses (of course it doesn't hurt to check with us first). It's still a good idea to have more general name(s) associated with your business as one of your domains (that's why we also own, which will take visitors to our site).

Top Level Domains are the extensions of the domain, such as .com, .net, .org, etc. The most popular TLDs are .com and .net. If you find that your domain is already registered, you might try for an alternate TLD (for example, was already taken, so Robin acquired and uses

Hyphenated Names
Although you can obtain them, we recommend not using hyphens for your business domain name. Most people who are searching for your site will not use a hyphen. You are better off to try a different TLD or a variation of your domain name.

Variations can be an option if your general business name is already registered (for example was not available to one of our clients, so at the time she registered instead).

Relinquishing or giving up existing names
We have seen many horror stories concerning giving up existing domain names. Sometimes one will end up having to get a similar domain name because control over the preferred name could not be gained. An example would be where another party has control over one's .com name and the website is down and the webmaster cannot be reached or is non-responsive. If we are to take over the services we would recommend getting the .net to the original .com of the domain name if it were available. This allows us to get the site up and at least people can be sent to that site pending transfer of the .com when it is possible. In some cases it never became possible and the site will continue using the .net domain. Once a domain name has been in service, traffic is generated to it. For that reason, many expired or relinquished domain names are snatched up. One situation like this in the Manchester NH area involved a church giving up a domain name they did not want to use anymore (it was a version of the Church's name that had been in use for many years and they just decided to change it and dropped the domain name). It saved them $15 a year. However, the embarrassment was priceless when a porn company acquired that domain name and put a porn site up on it. $15 a year is truly cheap insurance against one's domain name being used for phishing, porn, Viagra, or whatever.

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