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Some information about having CharlesWorks LLC develop your web presence

by CharlesWorks LLC General Manager, Robin Snow

One of the reasons this website is here is so anyone interested in having CharlesWorks develop their site can see a sample of our work. Note that everything offered for sale on this site is in fact for sale. Although CharlesWorks does well selling used computer components, our hope is that you are able to realize the full potential of having a website (often referred to as a "web presence") of your own.

Having your own website, whether it is for personal or business use, is what CharlesWorks endeavors to make happen for you.

One reality in life is that we must focus on what it is we do. If you are one of the countless millions who does not have the first clue as to how to set up a web presence, then you are at the right place. Whether you are looking for a personal website that will allow you to share your photos with family and friends or trying to get your small business or professional office launched on the Internet, we can take care of all the details for you. We have developed personal websites as well as websites for doctors, artists, service people, and various profit and non-profit organizations. Check out a CharlesWorks directory by clicking here.

This site is a great example of how an inexpensive, affordable web presence can be developed and deployed to run any size Internet business.

Let me tell you a little about CharlesWorks and our website philosophy. We'd like to think we are a bit conservative when it comes to starting a business. To us, exercising prudence by keeping it simple and taking small steps at first is important. As for keeping it simple, folks using the Internet don't like to have to wait a long time for pages to load. Large numbers of fancy graphics slow down the user's access to a site. Consumers are pretty savvy these days and know that if a business is spending a fortune on advertising, its customers are paying the bill. Depending on the site, we don't place tons of graphics on a site when its important for it to load quickly.

We'd also like to think we deal with websites in a practical manner. That's what we want to do for you: create a practical, working site for either your personal or business use.

The CharlesWorks LLC founder, Charles Oropallo, has involvement with computers rooted in the mid 1970's. By the late 1970's he had put one of the early bulletin board systems online, called "Access-80"  (which has been long gone now but there is information about it at "Online" back then meant dialing up with your computer using a 300 baud modem. To put that in perspective, someone using dialup today would have a 56k modem - which is are able to receive data approximately 187 times faster than it was happening when the founder first put Access-80 online!

CharlesWorks currently has its own website servers in three locations in New Hampshire: Peterborough, Antrim, and Dublin as well as in several other locations within the US. This arrangement allows for continuously available backup systems in the case of Internet connectivity difficulties during peak traffic periods. We currently operate in excess of 30 web and mail servers.

We will work with you to accomplish your goals. We can work together in any of several ways. If you are so inclined, you can learn how to manage your website. Most people are extremely busy and have neither the time nor the inclination to do so. For them, CharlesWorks offers affordable website up-keeping solutions.

You will benefit from our pool of experience. We have done a tremendous amount of research on setting up websites. Take a few moments to check out some of them in the portfolio at when you have the opportunity. Another huge plus you will have by having CharlesWorks build your website is that you can actually reach us. Not a recording that tells you that your call is important to him. (Although there is voice mail for those times when no one is available to answer the phone.) CharlesWorks has regular hours during which we can nearly always be reached for technical advice. In person. There doesn't seem to be much of that anymore these days.

CharlesWorks domain registration and hosting prices as well as labor prices are very competitive and are listed on the bottom of this page.

In addition to a reliable web hosting service, with every CharlesWorks hosting account comes a free text based ad that runs from the CharlesWorks ad servers and free directory listings on CharlesWorks directory pages (there are small charges for setting these up). Your free ad appears randomly on various websites along with ads from our paid advertisers.

Below is an outline of CharlesWorks rates for various tasks. Email or call us if you are interested. When you deal with CharlesWorks to have your site developed, you deal with one of our associates directly. We'd love to at least help you get started.

Robin Snow, General Manager
CharlesWorks LLC
PO Box 128
Peterborough, NH 03458

8am-6pm Mon-Sat
Eastern Daylight time

Hosting Client Pricing
(If you host at least one site on CharlesWorks servers)
(Don't let pricing be a barricade to your web presence! Once your site is set up, you only need be concerned about monthly hosting and annual domain name re-registration. Call me and let's talk. I want to help you get a website running!)

Build and Deploy your site. Much of this depends on your requirements and what it is you hope your site to accomplish. I can usually give you an estimate which would include domain name registration and hosting. The estimate would include development of five interlinked web pages for your site, scanning of up to 10 photographs (smaller than 8x10 inches) for placement on the website, submission of the site to at least ten search engines, and 30 hours of technical assistance over the 4 month period following our initial contract date (the date you paid the estimated fee).

eastern time

Domain Name Registration recurring annual fees:
Top Level Domains: .com .net .org .biz .info .us .ws
(There are other specialized TLDs, please inquire)

per year

Monthly website web hosting fee (typical, there are exceptions)

per month

Hourly fee for technical assistance and/or consultation rendered by telephone or email substantially discounted for our web hosting clients (these who host their website on CharlesWorks servers). Fee per incident is prorated in one minute increments.

per hour

Non Hosting Client Pricing
(If you do not host any sites on CharlesWorks servers)

Domain Name Registration recurring annual fees:
Top Level Domains: .com .net .org .biz .info .us .ws
(There are other specialized TLDs, please inquire)

per year

Hourly fee for technical assistance and/or consultation rendered by telephone or email for customers who do not host their site on CharlesWorks servers. Fee per incident is a minimum of one hour and prorated in six minute increments thereafter.

per hour


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