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CharlesWorks Business Partners Criteria and Information

Our Business Partners are other local and independent businesses with which we maintain a symbiotic relationship.

We may provide similar products and services but don't actually compete. We team up, so-to-speak, mutually benefitting each other with a positive-sum gain from cooperation.

Benefits of being a CharlesWorks Partner:

  • We gain appreciation and knowledge of each of our businesses. Where we might have previously thought of each other as competitors, we can feel the freedom of working in a spirit of collaboration.

  • We strive to help improve the current local economic environment. By promoting and using other truly local businesses, we are able to actually strengthen our local economies. If anyone tells you it it doesn't matter whether you host locally or not, then they don't care about the local economy and therefore don't really care about the success of YOUR business - only THEIRS. If you've been hosting other than locally, what are the odds of the company you send those hosting dollars to reciprocating by sending YOU business? If you got only one possible customer in a year, it would make up immediately for any hosting costs. Dealing locally is always best.

  • We improve our customer service abilities. As partners, we can give each other feedback we might otherwise never have received on our client's experiences. Simply put, if you don't look good, we don't look good. And we all strive to look good!

  • All of our businesses prosper by using and referring to each other's products and services.

How CharlesWorks Partners concept evolved:

CharlesWorks is a local business in the Peterborough, NH area, with our primary servers being right here in the Monadnock Region of Southern New Hampshire. During our many years of operation since 1998, we have routinely sought out other local entities to help us with our business, and in turn, send business back to them. It just makes sense.

While some aspects of our businesses may definitely overlap, we don't view it as competition. Instead of having to say, "Sorry, we can't help you with that.", it's nice to be able to connect our clients with someone who CAN help them (that worked immensely well for Macy's Department Store). A satisfied client usually equates to more business - especially regarding referrals.

In addition to our own networking, CharlesWorks and many of our Partners have been members of BNI, a well established business networking organization, where the operating philosophy is based upon "Givers Gain".

Important criteria for being a CharlesWorks Partner:

  • Be governed by the motive - that, “What you do for yourself can get you by. What you do for others is what will get you ahead; whether in your profession, spiritual pursuits or relationships.”

  • Be a CharlesWorks hosting client and have referred other clients to CharlesWorks who are hosting clients in good standing.

  • Put your client first. Have an understanding of what services CharlesWorks and CharlesWorks Partners offer so that you can refer your client and help them in the best way. Even if you send the business elsewhere, YOU end up looking good.

  • Have services, products or resources that would be of benefit to CharlesWorks clients, so CharlesWorks can refer to you.

  • Be committed, honest and fair in your business practices.

  • Be willing to share ideas about topics that will enable things like business practices and services to be improved.

  • Be willing to share client feedback in an effort to improve business and goodwill amongst clients.

CharlesWorks is the final decider of eligibility and acceptance of any individual or entity desiring to partner with us.

If you have any questions about any of our Partners, please feel free to contact us here at CharlesWorks, 603-924-9867, or Charles Oropallo at, or Robin Snow at directly.


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