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About CharlesWorks

CharlesWorks is primarily a web development company dedicated to getting individuals or businesses on the Internet. We provide domain names, web hosting, and website creation and development. We pride ourselves on being able to service both the private individuals or new companies with difficult budgeting restrictions through the seasoned companies that understand the value of the services we provide.

We also provide business telephone services in certain areas, residential VOIP telephone and videophone services in most geographic areas, dialup Internet services in most areas. We are also an authorized Independent Representative for security and alarm systems, and nearly all of the major wireless providers.

Our offices are located in Peterborough, NH. We currently operate in server spaces located in New Hampshire, New York, Arizona, and Ontario.

Computer based communications and information sharing is nothing new to some of us here. CharlesWorks founder, Charles Oropallo, authored and implemented an online Bulletin Board System (BBS) called Access-80 in November 1977. A photo of the actual system can be viewed at . It operated on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I, Level II microcomputer. There were only a handful of such systems online for public use on the entire planet at that time.

Charles founded CharlesWorks in June of 1998 in order to provide reliable and affordable hosting solutions. At that time he was only providing Internet connectivity for several personal websites at very low speed.

Over time, Charles's desire to provide reliable (as well as still being affordable) Internet solutions moved CharlesWorks into more commercially oriented markets. Charles still helps individuals get personal sites on the web.


CharlesWorks Affiliations

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Charles - Tech Support
Charles since 1998

Susan - Admin Support
Susan since 1998

Robin - Tech Support
Robin since 2005

Michael - Tech Support
Michael since 2013

Evan - Tech Support
Evan since 2014

Will - Tech Support
Will since 2017

Heidi - Admin Support
Heidi since 2019

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Admin Support
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Tech Support
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